Tesco mobile Top-up Online: top up credit and data in 1mn

One-Click Top-Up: Create a one-click top-up option for users who want to quickly add credit and data.

Auto-Recharge: Offer an auto-recharge feature that allows users to set up recurring top-ups based on their usage patterns, ensuring they never run out of credit or data.

Quick Pick Packages: Provide pre-defined packages for common top-up amounts that include credit, data, and even international calling minutes.

Voice Command Top-Up: Integrate voice command functionality for mobile devices, allowing users to say, "Hey Tesco, top up my account,

QR Code Top-Up: Generate QR codes that users can scan to instantly top up their account. This can be especially useful for in-store top-ups.

Complete Top-Up" or "Boost My Mobile Now" to encourage users to finalize their transaction.