Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights  bring together all   favorite characters,  including Robin, Batgirl, and  Red Hood. 

The first playable character in Gotham Knights is Batgirl. Barbara Gordon is unmatched in terms of sheer grit and tenacity.

Gotham Knights will be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam). Additionally, it will be playable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The most charismatic  member of the Batman  Family is Dick Grayson.  He was raised in a  circus family and  emphasized  interpersonal  relationships.

The youngest member of the Batman Family, Tim Drake, is also the sharpest and most skilled at using logical reasoning.

The next character is Red Hood (Jason Todd), formerly known as Robin. He is a passionate and erratic anti-hero.

While playing the game, you will be able to experience an open-world Gotham, with a landscape that covers multiple districts of Gotham.