Best Clay Brick Slips For Fireplace, Wall Cladding & Kitchen

Red Classic Brick Slips – These timeless red brick slips add warmth and character to any space. Perfect for a rustic fireplace or an accent wall in your kitchen.

White Antique Brick Slips Create a chic and clean look with these white antique brick slips, ideal for contemporary kitchen backsplashes.

Reclaimed Barnwood Brick Slips – Embrace the charm of reclaimed wood with the durability of bricks.

Weathered Gray Brick Slips: Achieve an industrial aesthetic with these weathered gray brick slips, ideal for a trendy urban kitchen or a stylish accent wall.

Rustic Brown Brick Slips: These rich, brown brick slips bring a warm and earthy tone to your fireplace surround or a cozy kitchen backsplash.

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